On My Bookshelf: Some of My Favorite Reads

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A question I get a lot is “What are you reading right now ?” and my answer might surprise you.

More often than not, I’m LISTENING to something rather than physically reading, because I can fill my brain all day long when I listen.

While I’m getting ready in the morning, driving Jessy to school, riding my bike, walking the dog, even answering emails: all opportunities to fill my head with life-changing stuff. And while we might not be able to control a lot in life, we are ABSOLUTELY in control of our mindset and attitude – why not feed our brains and souls with the best stuff possible?

That being said, I AM a former high school English teacher, so I love a good hardcover book too! 

Here is what is currently on my nightstand:

  1. Kind is the new Classy by Candace Cameron Bure.
  2. Dream Team by Shane Snow.
  3. The Story Telling Edge by Shane Snow.

For more of what I’m reading (and listening to) “in the moment”, stay connected to my IG stories! I share my books and podcasts there every day.

What are you listening to or reading today?

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