The 5 a.m. Challenge: Fiveuary

the 5 a.m. challenge

The shiny of New Year’s has worn off and we’re a month into 2020 now. Can you believe it?!

February kicks off this weekend and I can’t wait. A new month means a fresh start, a clean slate…the ability to reboot if we need to.

And this February, I have a special challenge for you. What if you were to reclaim your mornings this month? To start each and every day this month (all 29 of them!) with intentionality, energy, and focus.

Meet the Fiveuary challenge.

I invite you to get up at 5 a.m. every morning this month. Then spend that extra time doing something you’ve always wanted, but never made a priority. Maybe you want to write the next great novel, or just start reading fiction for fun. Maybe it’s time to learn a new hobby or skill, or get back into one you used to love. Maybe you want to build a business. Or better serve your family. Or perhaps it’s time to get into the best shape of your life.

Whatever dreams and goals you’ve had collecting dust over the years, it’s time to get them off the shelf and start making things happen. You have the power to cultivate a life on purpose—a life of passion, opportunity, and fulfillment. You just have to believe it.

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I read an article last week that said most Americans get up at 7 a.m. And by getting up at 5 a.m. instead, we can each generate two extra hours a day. Those hours stack up fast, and by the end of a year, you’ve gained an entire month. Think about that for a moment. You can choose to sleep through an entire month’s worth of time or use it strategically to build an amazing life. You pick.

Reading this article fired me up, you guys. I’m so passionate about helping women build intentional, amazing lives. And this month, I want to see you start down this path, too. Will you consider joining me in the Fiveuary challenge? It’s simply getting up at 5 a.m. for only 29 days. You can do this!

Need some quick tips for getting up earlier than normal? Here are a few ideas that might help!

    1. Set your intention the night before.
      Say it out loud or write it down, but declare to the world that you are getting up at 5 a.m. tomorrow! Consider setting out your clothes and do anything else you can to prepare ahead of time.
    2. Create a morning routine.
      Many high achievers swear by the power of having a solid morning routine in place. Try setting one up for yourself that fits your needs and desires. Everyone’s routine looks different!
    3. Go to bed earlier.
      Start winding down earlier than normal to make sure you are settled and ready to sleep at a reasonable time. All of us run better on different amounts of sleep, so you may have to experiment to find what time works best for you.
    4. Do not hit snooze!
      If you’re a snooze button junkie, now’s the time to change. Research shows hitting snooze can actually ruin your whole day. Start training your body that when the alarm goes off, you get up! Eventually you’ll get used to this new rhythm of responding and it will get easier.
    5. Put your phone or alarm outside of your bedroom.
      Having your phone or alarm too close to the bed can make shutting your alarm off and going back to sleep way too easy. Try putting your alarm in the hallway or adjoining bathroom. Once your feet hit the floor to go shut it off, you’ll be more likely to stay up.

February 1, are you in? Set your intention (and your alarm!) and let’s do this together. Let’s reclaim our mornings—and our lives—to build a life of purpose and abundance.

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