Post-Quarantine Fitness

stay fit during quarantine

Because of the massive changes COVID-19 brought our way, many of us have had to rethink fitness—and just about everything—completely.

Gyms have closed, schedules have changed, and many life shifts have taken place. 

Let’s be real, for lots of us, quarantine fitness and nutrition have been a struggle. There’s a reason the “Quarantine 15” memes are all over the place. We might not be looking and feeling our best. Let’s give ourselves a little grace mixed with tough love. This is just a season and we can control the controllable. As gyms and other recreational facilities start opening again, it’s a great time to assess our fitness routines. 

Did you know that 50% of people who join a gym quit going within just six months? I’m sure the reasons are varied, but I do know this—humans get bored easily. And when we get bored, we often move on. Humans also crave accountability and connection. I’ve taught at big box gyms. I promise you, I’ve seen people walk in and not ONE employee speak to them until they got into my class…and that doesn’t keep us on track. 

Having lots of fitness options means variety and convenience, which usually leads to consistency. And boom! Consistency leads to results. It’s pretty cool that we live in a time and place where we have so many incredible fitness options literally at our fingertips.

You know I’m a big fan of Beachbody on Demand, with literally thousands of workouts to stream anywhere, anytime along with tons of great tools, support, and community baked in. You likely also know I’m a big advocate of making fitness a lifestyle and not just relying on one product or tool. 

It’s not about checking a box each day. Fitness and health are about becoming the best humans we can be. A workout is always more than a squat and a lunge.

I work out every day using Beachbody on Demand. Convenience + variety + world-class trainers (like Amoila Cesar, current NBA trainer and creator of The Work, streaming on Beachbody on Demand.)

Fitness for me also means: riding my indoor bike, taking my dogs for a walk, taking a Soul Cycle class (remember when we could do that?), teaching at the Y, using our treadmill, taking yoga and TRX, and just moving my body however and whenever I can. 

Let’s make movement a way of living and not just a to-do on our list. 

Take a moment and brainstorm a list of post-quarantine fitness ideas and outlets for yourself. What kinds of workouts, movements, and locations fire you up? Are there certain days/times that make specific kinds of exercise easier than others? What are some fitness activities you enjoy doing alone? With others? 

This isn’t about finding the one perfect fitness routine. It’s about arming ourselves with lots of great options that we can pick and choose from. It’s about creating a life centered around movement where we find better health, confidence, inspiration, and energy.  

As life starts to open up post-quarantine and you’re considering how to get back on track with fitness, know this: you have options. So many great options! Stay out of a rut with just using one way, one tool, or one gym. Mix and match what works for you and keep it fresh. 

If I can help you sort through fitness options, feel free to reach out. I built my business on helping people plug into life-changing fitness and nutrition. Stay healthy, stay safe, keep washing your hands!

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