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turning setbacks into comebacks

Turning Setbacks into Comebacks with Jessica Menardy

Jessica Menardy lived the first chapter of her life struggling with her body image. 100 pounds lighter and many years later, this is a story of turning setbacks into comebacks that will inspire and empower you! After visiting family in her native Haiti, and getting some uncomfortable questions about her health, Jessica went on her first weight loss journey.  A few years later, when she was in a car accident and also discovered she was pregnant, Jessica  gained 65lbs back and no longer recognized herself.  Born out of gratitude for being able to move her body, Jessica turned that setback into a big time comeback, diving fully into nutrition as well as fitness. 

Listen as she shares how she made her setbacks the catalyst for an amazing health and wellness comeback, and how in 2021, she is living her life, using her social media platforms to inspire others. 2021 is the year that she’s just letting the universe do its thing. Jessica is doing what she loves and showing up every day.

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