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Mindset Revisited with Brad Bizjack

Are you ready for mindset gold? Brad Bizjack, my mindset coach and mentor, is back to chat about mindset, framed around his own story of growth, learning, and success. Listen as he shares his path to where he is today and why he is where he is. Truly, this is a mindset revisited episode. So often lately, I’ve heard women and clients saying and asking why it’s taking so long to “be successful”. My question for you is what makes you think your path is taking so long? And who gets to decide what the “right amount of time” truly is? It took Brad 10 years of trial, error, and tweaking to find his success…and he’s still working on it every day.

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[01:38] Why Brad and I are chatting again so soon!

My mindset coach and mentor Brad Bizjack was on the podcast just a few weeks ago, but lately I’ve been hearing a lot of mindset questions from my clients and coaches. I thought it would be good to bring him back on and talk about the power of persistence and keeping at it because overnight success doesn’t exist.

[04:05] Internal progress always precedes external progress.

If you are making internal changes and seeing internal growth, that is what matters. External evidence simply takes time. This applies in business and life in every way. Listen as Brad shares his story of failure and growth and why you’re always being guided. 

[09:09] Did he ever feel like his frustration was okay? 

Societally that’s normal, but Brad always felt like he was destined for more. His thoughts on why we are so quick to accept the less than ideal situations we find ourselves in? Because we are scared of wanting more. Which is simply another mindset issue that we need to move past. Stop thinking in terms of “or” and start thinking in terms of “and.”

[11:37] Brad’s definition of success and what it takes to get there. 

Stop thinking in terms of failure. Success comes from good judgement. Good judgement comes from making good decisions that you learn from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement and making bad decisions. Is there really such a thing as failure and who gets to decide that failure looks like in your life? 

[16:07] How judgement and guilt affect your ability to find success.

If you’re going into a new venture feeling judged, or guilty, or just generally feeling negative, then you won’t find the success you’re looking for. This is why working on your mindset is so important! You can’t build a business when you’re feeling conflicted. Let the mom guilt go!

[18:29] What it takes to overcome our issues with guilt. 

The only reason guilt shows up is because the standard that you violated is perfection. You cannot be perfect. Let go of that need for perfection and you’ll be one step closer to eradicating guilt from your business and life. Mom guilt included! Perfection exists when you don’t acknowledge your worth.

[22:57] Start celebrating yourself.

The recipe for love and elevating your self-worth is to celebrate yourself. Celebration acknowledges your worth and your work and gives you permission to remember what went right. So stop beating yourself up for what is going wrong and start celebrating what’s going right.

[24:06] Suffering is only in the perception of what is happening.

Overwhelm, stress, guilt, all suffering, is found in your perception of a situation. Life is made up of a series of moments and your perception of those moments. Suffering is not found in the facts of a situation, just your perception. Everyone feels the same emotions. You’re not broken and no one needs to fix you. Listen to learn more. 

[27:09] We teach what we need to learn.

Brad realized he needed to learn to be happy where he was and stop with the comparison game. Which led to an idea for an online course. He’s sharing the entire story behind its creation, launch, and relaunch.

[33:07] You get rewarded in public what you’ve practiced over years in private.

You see people who have found success in one area of business or another, but what you don’t see is the year that it took to get there. Stop comparing your step 1 to their step 20. Just start where you are, do the work, take the leap, and be willing to make tweaks and adjustments as you learn. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

[36:48] How undervaluing yourself impacts your success.

Nobody believes that you can change their lives for pennies. Brad shares a story that helped him push his price up higher which led to the success of his course. Life is happening for you… not to you!

[39:58] You’re exactly where you need to be.

But you have to trust the process and stay on the trail. When you’re hiking, do you leave the trail? No. You trust and believe that the trail is leading you to the right place. What if your objective was less about the main goal and more about becoming the person you want to be? 

[44:01] Stop making decisions based on the failures of the past.

Most people make decisions based on past experience. They limit their desires because they haven’t been able to achieve them before so why now? If you make decisions based on your ideal future rather than a future you can actually envision, you’re more likely to find the abundant success you’re looking for. If you live in the past, it becomes the future.

[49:35] Connect with Brad.

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