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Living a Life on Purpose with Purpose with Wendy Watts

Welcome to my conversation with Wendy Watts – director of coach development at the Beachbody Company. I haven’t known Wendy for long, yet the second I connected with her over zoom last year, I knew she had a high vibe and I knew my tribe would want to meet her too. I mean…Wendy is a group fitness instructor and one of her favorite formats is TURBO! 

On today’s episode, Wendy shares her story and her passion for the work she does. From a collegiate athlete to working in the corporate world to now working with direct sales consultants, Wendy is following her heart and creating a life on purpose with purpose. She loves working with high-vibe motivated women to help them take their life and dreams to another level and today, she is going to give us some of that love too! As you listen, I hope you find some pieces you can tuck into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self – and when  you do, please message me on Instagram and let me know – I love hearing from you! 

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