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When you leave a corporate position and two people are hired to perform all the duties you left behind, you know you’re meant for something bigger. Jamie and Kim Fitzpatrick traveled a winding path to get where they are today as online health and wellness coaches. They’re leaving behind a legacy through fitness and making huge strides in their company. Listen in to hear where they started, their journey to today, and why they both are so happy that they’ve made the switch from corporate to entrepreneurship.

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[02:03] Welcome to our very first couple interview with Jamie & Kim 

Listen as Jamie shares how he and Kim have found themselves at this point in their lives. They’re building a business that’s changing lives, theirs and others. He’s taking it all the way back to where he first got started.

[06:47] Where does Jamie’s entrepreneurial spirit come from?

The big question I think every entrepreneur asks themselves, is where their risk tolerance comes from. Does Jamie feel like his parents instilled a certain level of entrepreneurial spirit in him?

[09:23] Versus Kim being the star employee

Jamie was raised with the “ready, fire, aim” mentality. For Kim, like most women, it was quite a bit different. She says that she was the model employee until she finally took the leap into her own business. 

[15:15] Pet stores galore 

In 2003 Jamie opened up his very first luxury brand pet store. He shares how he structured the store and set it apart from the market overall. Jamie also talks about the mindset he had going into this venture. He refused to allow the “start” to “stop” him.

[18:31] Connecting the dots from pet stores to online coaching 

The stores were going great, but the stress of keeping all the franchises in line and with running such a large operation started getting to Jamie. So he purchased P90X and found his way into the health, wellness, and fitness community. 

[25:40] Both Kim and Jamie decided corporate was no longer working 

Jamie left his pet stores and started working for a pet food company. Kim was still in her corporate job. They were both still working out, but they realized their lives were not going the way they’d dreamed. It was then that they decided to start really pushing into the online coaching space.

[31:23] Jamie started building the business before Kim got on board

She was always completely supportive. In fact, she brought him opportunity after opportunity but didn’t realize that she could also be in this business. As he kept pouring into the business, she became inspired by him and realized that she really could do this too.

[39:10] It all comes down to making a decision 

The one thing that Jamie and Kim both realized was that success and growth all come down to making a decision. The decision for Kim was to stop using her “free time” by watching the TV. Instead she decided to build her business. For Jamie it was realizing that the more he put in the more he got out. They made decisions that have helped generate huge success.

[41:20] How they’ve made this business work 

Jamie believes his super power is confidence. Not that he knows everything or can do anything but that he has the ability to figure things out and help others to do the same. His confidence has helped him find success in his business. Kim’s drive stems from a feeling of complete uncertainty that built strength and resilience.

[47:48] You have to take action 

Kim digs back in and reminds us all that making a decision is great, but at the end of the day you have to take action. You are currently working hard for someone else. What would it feel like to work hard for yourself? 

[49:27] Rapid fire questions times two 

Favorite Movie: Goodwill Hunting (Jamie), The Princess Bride (Kim)

Favorite Book: The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma (Kim), The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton

Next travel destination: Somewhere warm and sunny

Favorite Food: Pizza (Jamie), Fruit (Kim)

Last but not least, learn what is bringing them joy right now.

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