Second Chances

Kindness in the Digital Space

Kindness in a digital space. This idea and thoughts about it have been stewing around in my brain over the last few months – given that we are all in the digital space now more than ever.

I think often the lack of kindness in the digital space comes from the increased accessibility – we can literally get any information any time we want it now, and our attention span is down to nano-seconds. And as I thought about how I feel when I receive certain messages or certain emails, I thought that there must be some simple ways we can create more kindness in the world today, especially virtually. Because after all, if we humans decreased kindness, we humans can INCREASE kindness yes?

So let’s talk about it. On today’s episode, I have some tips for increasing kindness in the digital space.

Take a listen, and please let me know your takeaways. You know how much I love hearing from you!!

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