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Julie Voris: Break Out of That Box and Do Something Different

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Hello friends! I decided to share this story with you this holiday season because it speaks to a mindset and a way of being in this world. I hope this story inspires you to check in with yourself, your routines, and your traditions to make sure they are serving your purpose. If not, don’t be afraid to make a change!

[04:44] The Tree in the Basement  

I talk about growing up in a small town and how it was our tradition to have our artificial Christmas tree in the basement of the house. After setting up the tree, each year, my mom would complain about having the tree in the basement. We always had the tree there, and though it was the tradition, she always complained about it. She wanted the tree on the first floor where she could see it every day. 

[03:18] We Could Have Had More Than One Tree

Each year this was problematic in my family when in reality, we could have just had two trees. One in the basement and one on the first floor. This really made me think about how we get so confined by what we’ve always done in different areas of our lives. 

[04:50] The Mindset That Doesn’t Serve Us 

How often do we limit ourselves because of the way we’ve always done things? This can apply to so many things. For example, saying I could never do this or that. When it comes down to it, it’s really just a mindset. This got me thinking about the difference between traditions, routines, and thinking small. There’s a big difference between staying comfortable and living with intention in the way we truly want to live. 

[06:20] You Should Have as Many Trees as You Want

The moral of the story is, you should have as many or as few Christmas trees as you want. Live according to your own rules and dreams. Live in a state of expansion, with all of the possibilities. This way of being is about so much more than a Christmas tree. It’s about thinking big. Don’t be afraid to create new traditions this year, traditions that serve you and help you create your most magical and intentional life.  

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