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From the Midwest to Broadway with Becca Petersen – Part 2

We’re diving deep into what Becca Petersen has been up to since Covid shut down Broadway and how her life has changed in the last year. When the lockdown first started, she saw it as a welcome break. After years of constant performing, she was welcomed a minute to breathe.  As the lockdown continued however, she realized that she finally had time to reflect on the whirlwind that had been her life since high school. She took the first six months to reflect and now she’s moving into the revamping stage. Listen in to hear what she’s doing with the time and space in her calendar and why she’s hopeful and excited for NYC to open up.

Listen to Part 1 of Becca’s Interview here.

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[03:11] How You Work With People Matters

Becca’s thoughts regarding working in the industry are truly impactful. The audience sees the show, but the industry sees how you treat the people that you work with. Your career is defined by so much more than just talent. 

[06:48] Mean Girls was Life Changing

We have been huge supporters of Becca’s and when she started in Mean Girls, we were right there cheering her on. She’s sharing how the show opened up her world on Broadway and off and why it was so life changing.

[16:44] How Covid Has Impacted Her Career

We’re chatting all about the highs and lows she’s experienced since Covid shut down the industry. No one thought we’d be here a year later still in an industry shutdown, so Becca has had to pivot and she’s sharing what she’s done.

[22:30] Why She Hated the Word Pivot

Being an actor isn’t just a career… it’s a lifestyle. She’d hear the word pivot and feel as if someone was attacking her in some ways because she’d trained her whole life to do this one thing. So how did she get past that? Listen in to learn more!

[28:39] Pivots Don’t Have to Be Huge Shifts

Instead of making huge changes in her life, she found small shifts that felt better moving forward. She’s sharing what she means and why a dance step led to an epiphany. You don’t have to pivot your career, it can just be a pivot turn.

[33:64] Her Shift Was Self-Care

She had to find new outlets for stress relief and conflict management and she translated that into finding new avenues for self care. The first half of the pandemic was a time for reflection and to figure out who she wants to be as a person. Now she’s in a revamp stage.

[38:56] Finding Consistency Brings Rewards

She found that moving her body helped her to battle the stress and fatigue of the pandemic. Now she’s moving her body with intention every day, doing BARRE BLEND,  in a way that fuels her soul, rather than just a physical goal and she’s felt the change internally as well.  It’s been an amazing journey toward finding other activities she’s passionate about.

[43:58] It’s Okay to Reassess

We are in a weird time filled with weird shifts and changes. Now is the time to give yourself grace and spend time in reflection and revamping. Acknowledge that things are different and don’t try to push it down because it will come back up.

[45:39] Becca’s Favorites…

Movie – Tangled | Book – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller | Food – Lasagna | Travel – Greece | What’s bringing her joy? – The seasons changing and the flowers blooming.

[50:12] Connect with Becca

Becca on Broadway World | Becca on Instagram | Support the Industry – Actor’s Fund

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