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The Compass Planner has been through numerous renditions since its inception, and the version you are holding in your hand is the latest and greatest.

Each upgraded version includes edits and additions curated through conversations with those who have USED it to cross off their Dream Big Goals with this tool. Their feedback helped us make changes that reflected what was needed to really go after your dream big goals and live your life on purpose with purpose!

While the product itself has evolved, the original purpose and passion behind it all has not. This planner was created for the woman who wants to develop habits that will help her stay focused, organized, and on track towards her goals and dreams.

When you create a foundation of sustainable habits, you will create a life by your design. Whether you have a health goal, a financial goal or a business goal {or you are like me and have ALL of the above!}, this planner will help you develop habits to achieve those goals.

Below are the ORIGINAL How To videos I recorded to help you get the most out of your Compass Planner journey.

I dive deep into each section of this planner in this exclusive video series… plus you get a peek at the OG planner and can see how far we’ve come!

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Daily Habits For A Life On Purpose With Purpose

Success Comes from Habits not Motivation. Do you desire more success in your life? Do you desire more freedom in your life?

It all begins with your habits.

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