Healthy living isn’t just about fitness. It’s about being the best version of you.

The life you've been dreaming of is closer than you think.

Let me help you get there!

In October, all new members get access to our newest running + lifting program, 30 Day Breakaway!!!

30 Day Breakaway is our FIRST EVER running program!!!

This program is for novice, intermediate and advanced runners.

Each day, you will complete a fast + effective lifting workout, followed by an interval run training that pushes you for short bursts at a level that’s right for you … brisk walk, slow jog, steady run, you decide.

The combination of lifting + running will make you a stronger runner, no matter your level of experience when you start! In 30 days you will be able to complete a 5k or set a PR!

Here's What's Included When You Become a Member....

Meet Julie.

Hi! I'm Julie and I've been teaching group fitness for 20+ years and virtually coaching woman for 12 of those years!

As a virtual fitness coach, I provide the space and community to allow my clients to create a consistent routine that supports the healthy lifestyle they want to live! I work with woman to incorporate fitness into their life in ANY season.

I believe in the transformative power of creating a consistent fitness routine because I've seen women thrive when they say yes to FITNESS.

Inside my Virtual Fitness Studio you will find videos about my nutrition philosophy (I keep it simple!), trainings about shifting what's on the inside to get the results you want on the outside, live and recorded workouts from me, AND the real game changer :: a community of supportive women! The community aspect is an important part of what you need to grow, learn and shift your habits! 

My Virtual Fitness Studio is a place of TRANSFORMATION, inside and out! I would love for you to join us and become a member!

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