Be your best self.

Healthy living isn’t just about fitness. It’s about being the best version of you. The life you've been dreaming of is closer than you think.

Online workouts and nutrition that fit your life.

Do you struggle to make time for you? To prioritize self-care and healthy choices? If so, you’re in the right place, my friend. All you need is 30 minutes a day and healthy, delicious fuel to change the way you look and feel. Sound too simple? It really is. Simply making daily, intentional choices can truly transform your entire life. You can do this. I believe in you!

On-demand workouts
Easy nutrition
Real results

30 minutes a day can
change everything.

We don’t think twice about spending half an hour scrolling social or binging on Netflix. But where does that get us? How does that move the needle in our lives? If you’re sick of feeling stuck, it’s time to commit to change.
This total-body workout might be intense, but it will be the most productive 20 minutes of your day. It’s fast, it’s hard—and you’re going to sweat—but you WILL get results.
Want amazing results in just 21 days? This is all you need! You get daily cardio workouts, eating plans, shopping lists, recipes, and a handy workout calendar.
Blast through your toughest challenges with a surge of energy thanks to this pre-workout supplement. It’ll help you sharpen focus, push harder, and last longer.

Nutrition tools for whole health and a hectic schedule.

Eating healthy and feeding your family well does not have to be complicated. From superfood shakes to on-the-go snacks, supplements, and gobs of recipes and tools, we can equip you with everything you need.
This premium nutrition program is all about giving your body exactly what it needs. It includes cooking and nutritional videos, tracking tools, recipes, portion control containers, and more.
From Power Greens to Focused Energy to Digestive Health, these supplements give you the support you need to maximize your day. They’re packed with healthy goodness and contain zero sugar, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.
These crunchy, chewy, and delicious snack bars are power-packed with protein and free of any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They are perfect for on-the-go, work, traveling, or even your child’s lunchbox.
Transform :20 with Shaun T
21 Day Fix
The Ultimate Portion Fix
Shakeology Boost
Beachbar snack bars
Love letters
from my tribe
stability balance ball

What can I help you with?

We all want to look and feel our best, right? I can help you find the right workouts and nutrition to meet your personal and family health goals. I’m here to support you!
Stress not only steals your joy, but it compromises your body, too. But you can decrease stress and bring the joy back, just by making some easy, intentional choices.
If you’re feeling wiped out, it’s time to get your mojo back! With the right fitness regiment and easy nutrition tools and products, you’ll have more pep in your step in no time.
Starting a new fitness routine and changing up your diet can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Let’s chat about your goals and I’ll break down everything you need to get started.

You’re not alone.

Together we can create a simple plan to get you on track to a better life. I’m excited to get to know you and your goals and to share personalized recommendations to maximize your health and your joy. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way, as you claim the life you were meant to live.
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