Commit & Focus on Your Daily Habits Using The Compass Planner for the Last 100 Days of 2022

The Compass Community is a virtual community space for high-vibe women who have BIG DREAMS and are ready to go after them.

*This is a beta round of The Compass Community that will run from September - December 2022. As a beta member, you will get a discounted membership.

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STEP ONE >>> Purchase Compass Planner

In order to be part of The Compass Community, you need to have a Compass Planner ready to go! The Compass Planner is a required tool to get the most out of The Compass Community. If you are currently using a Compass Planner or already have one, make sure it is either blank with all 100 days available or or purchase another one so you have enough days to finish out the year. When you pay in full for The Compass Community, you save $49, the cost of The Compass Planner.

If you do not currently have one, please purchase one here.

STEP TWO >>> Join the Compass Community

You and I both know how powerful your community can be. The Compass Planner on its own will make a huge difference in your life. But pair that with the Compass Community, where you connect daily with other entrepreneurial women with BIG dreams and you create SYNERGY, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Compass Community Membership Pricing

Choose the Plan that Rolls with You...

4 Monthly Payments


Join w/ 4 payments
  • September - December 2022
  • 1 live group coaching session per month via Zoom
  • Access to call recordings as long as you are a paying member
  • Exclusive message thread with JV & Compass Community Manger.

*Since this is a beta trail, you must commit to the full 4 months. There will not be an option to cancel this subscription. You will be charged 4 monthly payments of $97 for a total investment of $388.

Pay In Full

$339 (save $49)

  • September - December 2022
  • 1 live group coaching session per month via Zoom
  • Access to call recordings as long as you are a paying member
  • Exclusive message thread with JV & Compass Community Manger.
  • Savings of $49! Which is the cost of the Compass Planner. By paying in full, you essentially get your planner for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

You have two options for joining The Compass Community Beta Round. Make 4 monthly payments of $97 each, for a total investment of $388. Or you can pay in full for the 4 month beta round and save $49, which is the cost of the planner. Essentially, when you make one payment in the amount of $339, you get your planner for free.

As a beta member, you will be grandfathered into this pricing structure if I decide to continue this community after the beta round. If I decide to open enrollment for this community in 2023, the pricing per month will increase to $150ish.

What does Beta Round mean?

The beta round is a trial run for this Community concept. It's a way for me to test this out and see if it's a good fit for a long term offering of mine. Do I enjoy leading a community like this? Are the members getting the value they desire for the price they pay? What could we add, edit or subtract to make the community more effective? These are questions I will be asking myself over the course of the 4 months to help me decide if I want to continue holding space in this way. Beta round runs September - December 2022.

How do I know it's for me?

Do you have big goals and dreams for your life? Then it's for you. This community is about creating daily habits that support and nurture your DREAM BIG goals.

Do you want to set yourself up for an EPIC 2023? Then this community is for you. Plant the seeds for your dreams NOW, so you are in a rhythm when the holidays and January rolls around!

Does it matter if I'm not an entrepreneur?

Not at all. Anyone can tap into the power of creating habits around your goals and dreams! Most of the women in the community will be entrepreneurs at all stages, but it is not a requirement.

When can I get started?

The message thread will open September 1st and our first community call will be the week of September 18th.

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. You'll have more fun if you actively participate through sharing and asking questions , but you can also use the community how best fits for your goals.  

Why is a Compass Planner required?

The Compass Planner is required because that is what this entire group is centered around - creating daily habits that support and nurture your big dreams. The planner is a tool that you will use everyday to write out your goals, dreams and tasks. This is part of the process to manifest the BIG DREAM for your life. If you already have a planner, great. Make sure you have another copy so you can use the planner through the end of 2022.  

Can I cancel my membership?

For the beta round, no. Your payment in full is non-refundable. Your commitment to the 4 monthly payments cannot be canceled for beta round. If I decide to open enrollment for this community in 2023, you will be able to cancel at any time.

Look, it's EASY to write down your BIG DREAMS, but what about actually showing up everyday to make them happen?

I dream of a high-vibe community that isn't dependent on location. A community of women (and men) who love to jam on big goals and dreams. A community where it's safe to share your deepest desires, dreams and goals.

My Compass Planner is the tool that guides you to build your dream life. But I've realized you need more than just a tool. You need community with support, accountability and a safe place to share. That's why I created The Compass Community, for people like you.

This is a beta trial for me to see if it's something I want to offer in 2023. Join me at a discounted rate for the last quarter of 2022 to get crystal clear and focused on your goals, dreams and habits.