Compass Coaching with JV

The Compass Coaching experience will create the space for you to find permission within yourself to step fully into your PURPOSE.

When you change the room you're in, you change the conversations you're having which changes the STORY you're telling yourself.

Never underestimate the power of your community.


NOTE :: With love, please do not apply unless you are comfortable with and ready to make the investment. Details listed below. Please read fully.

Compass Coaching with JV

NOTE :: With love, please do not apply unless you are comfortable with the investment. Details listed below.

The Compass Coaching experience will create the space for you to find permission within yourself to step fully into your PURPOSE.

When you change the room you're in, you change the conversations you're having which changes the STORY you're telling yourself.

Never underestimate the power of your community.

Compass Coaching Sessions

Two 6-week Compass Coaching Sessions Available. Choose to be part of one session, or both.

Session One : Aug 22 - Oct 3
Session Two : Oct 17 - Nov 28

Choose Your Level of Commitment

  • If you want to get a feel for the group coaching experience AND start gaining some clarity around your purpose, flow and next steps in your business - 6 weeks is a perfect place for you to begin. One 6-week session is an investment of $2997 or 2 payments of $1499. Session 2 will open for enrollment on Oct 4th, or you can grab your spot now by enrolling in both sessions.
  • If you REALLY want to run and BE in intentional space with high vibe humans for a longer period of time - you need to consider committing to both sessions. By committing to both sessions, you will save $500, making your total investment $5497 or 4 payments of $1325.

Only YOU know what level of commitment you need to get to the next best version of you. Honor that.

Expand Your Business Potential

  • Clarity in your purpose, business goals, and next projects to focus on.
  • A heightened awareness of your current habits and how to effectively take them to the next level, so that you become more efficient and focused in your work.
  • Community and networking with other high vibe, entrepreneurial people. Many time, the relationships you create in a creative space lead to more opportunity and growth. The possibilities are limitless.

I will be accepting 20 people into each Compass Coaching Session.

In order to be considered for a spot, please fill out the application. I will connect with you to set up a 1:1 call so we can decide if you are a good fit for this experience.


Included in Compass Coaching Program

Everything I have included with the Compass Coaching is designed so that you have space for better conversations, for hard conversations, and increased clarity on where you are going in 2022 and beyond. The last few years have transformed us and it's time to decide the new direction we are headed.

Each Session Includes 6 Group Coaching & Training Sessions via Zoom

  • 6 Training Calls with room at the end for open discussion and hot seats. Topics include, but not limited to.... Vision, Goals & Dreams, Giving Yourself Permission, Overcoming Your Own Road Blocks, Action Steps to Move You Forward, Morning Routine Hot Seat, Habits vs. Motivation, and reviewing homework from the week before.
  • Calls will of course be recorded. You will be given lifetime access to these calls.

Private Message Thread

  • A private message thread to connect, share, support and ask questions. I will share with you what's on my heart and mind, what I'm experiencing in my business and ideas I have for you. This thread will hold lots of little nuggets! This will be our Community for Continued Conversations. After our weekly zoom calls, we will want to share, ask and reflect. This is an open space where you can ask me and the other members of our group for feedback and advice.

Intimate Access to JV

  • For 7 weeks you get access to ME via our zoom calls and the community.
  • I will be opening up my calendar for 1:1 strategy sessions to all Compass Coaching students, if they want to go deeper with me. These calls will be offered to you at a discounted rate of $400 per 1:1 session.

Access to All of JV's Courses

  • Project100: Elevate Your Mornings
  • Project100: Elevate Your Habits
  • Mission30: Social Media Prompts for 30 Days
  • Ignite Your Vision Masterclass (co-hosted with Micah Folsom)

Treasure Box Curated by JV

  • Gift Giving is one of my love languages! I am soooo excited to put together a treasure box of my favorite things exclusive for my Mastermind members!
  • This will be mailed to your home.

Weekly Support & Accountability

  • After each weekly call, you are expected to do the work discussed.
  • You will have the opportunity to share the work you've done inside our chat thread and on our calls during any hot seat sessions!

Do you find yourself year after year stuck in the same story?

"I'm just not meant to be successful"
"I don't have what it takes"
"I will never have the drive to make it happen"
"I could never do what she does"

You are NOT tired.... You are just UNINSPIRED.

You NEED a clear path towards your purpose.

It's time to find the path that LIGHTS you up and INSPIRES you to do the work to create a Life on Purpose.

See what people are saying about working with JV:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I am so grateful for the time we've shared in this group together. I am so lucky to be in a room with such strong, beautiful, amazing women. You are helping me close my gap. Let's all make the best of the coming weeks, and rise together."

Rachelle M
member of JV's Appreciation Academy Mastermind

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Feeling great this morning! Wrote a lot down. This time it was easier then the first time. Slowly getting to my Clarity. Thanks for all help last night! Dedicating more time to my Appreciation Academy this week. Also so excited to finally write in my planner. Love our group!"

Kelli W
member of JV's Appreciation Academy Mastermind

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This has been exactly what I needed. I didn't need a 'this is how to work your business' group or training but let's dig deep into where you are, take a look at where your mindset is, then work on getting clarity to move forward. Thank you Julie for making this possible!"

Betsy H
member of JV's Appreciation Academy Mastermind

This Opportunity is Open to EVERYONE.

No matter what season of life you are in. No matter what company you are affiliated with or industry you are in. No matter if you are a full-on entrepreneur or nurturing a tiny seed of an idea.

If you have a desire to get clarity on the direction you want to go in life and you are ready to invest in YOUR dreams and YOUR goals, Compass Coaching is for you.

If you are not in a room with humans who inspire you to dream bigger, play bigger, LIVE bigger… change the room you are in. Today.

Want to know what I think?

I think you ALREADY KNOW you’ve just scratched the surface on the dreams and goals you can make happen, the progress you can make, the transformational ripple you can cause.

YOU ALREADY KNOW that if you lean in just a bit more, you’ll blow your own freaking mind.

Let's LEAN IN together and get CLARITY on how you make your dreams your reality!

Why wait?

I do have intentions to host more group coaching experiences like this in 2023.

However, let's be honest with each other.  Plans change and nothing is ever guaranteed. I am only taking 20 people for each session, so if working intimately with me has been on your heart and vision board, this is your time to jump in!

Enrollment closes on July 31st, 2022 or whenever the spots have been filled.

Come gain the CLARITY you need to live on purpose with purpose.

One Session $2997 (or 2 payments of $1499)
Two Sessions $5497
(or 4 payments of $1325)

*with the option to add on a 1:1 Session with JV

But first, you must apply!

Get Infused with JVs Energy

13 years in the top .01% of her company, with connections in all corners, JV is ambitious, disciplined and will only ever tell you the truth.

JV is a legend in her company and industry.

Are you ready to handle the truth about your business and what it really needs to grow and scale? 

Are you ready to dive into figuring out the mystery of what holds you back from following your reuse north? 

Compass Coaching will walk you through JVs method to breakdown and breakthrough.