Coach Spotlight: April Kever

april kever

Meet April: Elementary school teacher turned elite fitness coach. What started as a personal journey for better health and fitness grew into a life of passion and purpose.

How did you get started as a fitness coach?

I left teaching elementary school to stay home with my kids. I loved my time at home, soaking up moments with my littles. But once my kids started school, something changed. I felt “eh” about my life. I was lethargic and didn’t have direction.

Hoping to start feeling better, I signed up as a coach to get the Shakeology discount. Never in a million years did I imagine that one little step would eventually change my entire life from the inside out.

How do you make time to rock your business?

Honestly, it’s easy to find the time because it truly doesn’t feel like work. I love spending time encouraging and empowering other women. It fuels me and is so rewarding. And I carve out time in the nooks and crannies of my days—getting up before the kids, working in the car or coffee shops while my kids are in activities, and getting stuff done at night. I also maximize blocks of time strategically to keep growing, like listening to entrepreneurial podcasts or reading personal development books instead of vegging out to Good Morning America or Netflix.

My coaching business is a family affair, too. My husband helps around the house and with the kids. And we delegate responsibility to our kids. We’re all pulling together around here.

How has being a coach impacted your family’s finances and life?

From our earliest days as a family, we had no fluff money. There wasn’t extra for the things we wanted to do, like dance lessons for our daughter, big family vacations, and even simple pleasures like dining out or Starbucks.

But once I really started running my coaching business in 2010, paychecks started rolling in after a few months. I started being able to pay for groceries. I got to cover a few utilities. Slowly it built up over time and the momentum grew. Now online coaching has turned into a six-figure income for my family.

I just got done booking our flights for the Beachbody team cruise and family Spring Break trip. These things would never have been options before. It’s so freeing to be able to say “yes!” to things that my family needs and wants. And we don’t have to stress about every little spend like we used to.

What’s been most rewarding as a coach?

I love seeing women find themselves again and reaching heights they never imagined. I meet moms all the time who feel so lost. They don’t know what to do with themselves when their kids start school or move out. They have no sense of purpose or meaning. They don’t believe in themselves at all. Watching them grow into their confidence and reach their goals is amazing.

What’s been an unexpected way coaching has impacted your life?

I used to be this super shy girl, afraid to even ask someone for directions or help if I needed it. Being a coach and part of this incredible tribe of women has helped me dig deep and find confidence and courage I didn’t even know I had. I’ve met so many incredible people, gone so many amazing places, and had tons of new experiences. I still have moments of being intimidated now and then, but I’m able to push past now. I’m a completely different woman thanks to this journey.

What’s it like being part of an online coaching team like Sparta Nation?

Being part of this tribe has been so impactful that it’s hard to put into words. These women live all across the country, but have become my closest friends. They have fulfilled such a big part of my life. There’s such a mutual care for one another’s success and well-being. It truly, truly feels like family and carries that deep sense of belonging with it.

The Sparta Nation tribe is one of the biggest blessings in my life. We are a team and tribe of all ages, but we come together with the same purpose, full of positive vibes and energy. Together we conquer our workouts, our self-limiting beliefs, and goals.

What do you think holds women back from pursuing their dreams

I think women, moms especially, are hesitant to do things for themselves. They don’t want to take money or time away from their families. It’s the mom guilt setting in. They feel selfish for spending money on themselves and don’t see fitness and nutrition as investments. In my opinion, your health is non-negotiable. You shouldn’t even think twice about investing in your own health—both for your sake and your family’s.

We spend money at Starbucks, on random toys for our kids at Target, or on a new pair of jeans without thinking twice. But what are the benefits here? If you look at investing in your health, we’re talking about gaining better health, confidence, self-love, patience, and joy as a result. I say, ditch the mom guilt, and never look back.

To learn more about April, follow here on Insta at @aprilkever. And if the thought of becoming an online fitness coach intrigues you, I’d love to connect.

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