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Ever feel like you need to have something all figured out before you jump in? That you’ll look silly if you aren’t a pro? Or that you might fail altogether?

So many of us struggle with trying new things. It’s like we turn into middle school girls who are afraid we won’t look cool or everyone’s going to talk about us.

This fear mindset will absolutely cripple you. And it will hold you back from living your best life. And that, my friend, is a heartbreaking thing. Because you were made to live an unbelievably full and rich life, full of wonder and joy and amazing experiences.

But we all have to start somewhere, right? 

I’d never been a wife…until I was.

I’d never taught a group exercise class…until I did.

I’d never been a mom…until I was.

I’d never started a business…until I did.

And I’ve never started a podcast….until now.

Y’all, I did a thing. My brand spanking new podcast, Working it Out with Julie Voris, is in the works. And I can’t wait for you to get your ears on it.

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I named this podcast—Working it Out—super intentionally. I haven’t figured everything out. You haven’t figured everything out. None of us have. We’re all works in progress, working out this wild life one moment at a time.

It’s the overthinking that gets us into trouble. Our brains talk us out of doing anything new before we even have the chance to act. This seems crazy though! Think about everything you’ve managed to do in your life that you had NO CLUE how to do from the start. You learned to walk and talk, ride a bike, read books, have relationships, travel, maybe even raise another human being! All of this (and so much more!) without having a clue what you were doing from the outset. It’s pretty staggering really.

So, it’s time for a toast. Cheers to fears, cheers to new adventures, cheers to expansion in all ways, cheers to figuring it out along the way!

What’s your biggest fear right now? What dream are you holding onto that you can’t seem to make happen? How can I help? I’m passionate about helping women reach new heights through fitness. Let me know if I can come alongside you!

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