Why You Should Set a Goal that Scares You

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A few months ago, I set a goal that may seem silly to some, but was super scary to me. The goal was to wear a crop top on stage at Team Beachbody’s Coach Summit. This goal scared the crap out of me because I’m not that girl who shows a lot of skin when I work out.

Some of it is out of respect for my family but most of it is just a flat out lack of body confidence.

When fear and doubt sit in the driver’s seat of our lives, nothing good happens. That’s just truth. Doesn’t matter if it’s being fearful to take a new job or end a long relationship or start a new fitness program or wear a crop top on stage. Fear is fear and when we let it have power over our lives, we sit in a place of average.

Wearing a crop top might not seem like a big deal…but wearing it while working out on a stage, in my town, in front of 20,000 people, about made me puke.

Then I did it. And I survived. In fact, I more than survived. I freaking ROCKED that crop top. After all, confidence comes from doing the WORK right? If we put in the work, then fear takes a back seat.

Maybe a crop top isn’t your jam. But I bet you have SOMEthing in your life that you want to do and you’re in your own way. You are letting fear take the wheel.

Maybe you’ve thought of becoming a coach with me and my tribe of #FierceFemales, but you’ve been too scared to ask questions. Now is your chance to kick fear in the face and learn more in our Behind the Scene Coaching Q&A.

As scary as the crop top was to me, I LISTENED to my mentor, put in the WORK and decided that if one person decided they could wear a crop top, or take that new job, or get out of that toxic relationship, or take that leap they’ve been wanting to take…that if one person was inspired to do SOMETHING they’ve been wanting to do, then it was worth it.

Do the thing that scares you. Put in the work. Take the leap. I promise you, it’s SO worth it. And I also promise…it’s really not that scary, no matter what it is. Because you’re so much stronger than you think you are and you can do AMAZING things.

Set the goal. Do the work. Embrace the scary. Kick fear out of the driver’s seat. Find your fierce. Yes, you can. I sure hope to see you in our Behind the Scenes Coaching Q&A group. Can we call it a date?

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