Project 100 Week 4

It’s interesting to be collecting feedback and observing how people commit and fall off from habits they are working to solidify. Mainly I hear from the women who are doing the work. The ones that have fallen off, go silent. I assume it’s because deep down there is a feeling of guilt or shame about ‘falling off’. But the truth is, releasing that guilt/shame allows you the space to take accountability and that clears the negative energy that’s stuck in the body. 

Community & Communication

One of the key parts to these groups that I host, specifically #Project100, is the community and the communication from me. My goal is to create  space for my amazing women to share and tell me what’s up, and it’s challenging to help if there is no communication right? I mean, we women are pretty dang smart but we haven’t yet figured out how to read minds 😉  . So how do I help those that are stuck in their own doubt and guilt spiral? For now, I keep showing up for me, because setting the example is how I lead. I don’t want to force anyone to share struggles, but I am here for it when ready.    I keep the promises made to myself so I can help others keep the promises they made to themselves.  

Even though the quotes below do not reflect struggle in week 4, I am certain many of the women at this point are facing some challenges when it comes to sticking to these morning habits. And that’s OKAY! It’s part of the learning process to bounce back and forth. Sometimes, we have to do that many times to fully learn all the lessons we need in order to shed the baggage that makes space for us to fully commit to ourselves.    We have to lean IN to the struggle, embrace the resistance…maybe even turn it UP…to show ourselves how capable and freaking awesome we truly are! This is a process and our timeline is perfect, whatever it is. 

Direct quotes from women inside the Project 100 Community during week 4… 

“Thinking about the last four weeks, I’ve noticed some significant changes due to personal development and meditation – two things I never did before this group.

  1. I’m more vocal and clear about my needs and goals. 
  2. I’ve challenged my children to be more independent.
  3. I’m tackling my To Do list with clarity and more focus.
  4. My nutrition is on-point; something I haven’t done in years and the numbers on the scale reflect this!

Thank you for this group.” ~Laura

“I am loving journaling everyday and doing my 4min meditation. It has been a nice reflection from the previous day and what needs improvement or how to tackle today. I have noticed more patience (I have 3 kids so it’s a work in progress) and a more sense of calm. I joined in for Turbo Saturday and LOVED IT! I am still new to coaching and only have 1 customer so far but I am loving my own personal transformation. Thanks for your always cheerful wisdom!” ~Erin 

These quotes represent feelings and these feelings represent women changing their lives, one tiny little habit at a time. 

Maybe it’s time for you to #keepit100 and join us!!  This movement is powerful. 

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