Project 100 – Week 3

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and while maybe some of that depends on the person and the habit, I do FEEL myself and the women in Project 100 really started to gain traction in the new habits we are creating.  

My vision for Project 100 was to help women find confidence, calm and some level of control in their life. I wanted women to SEE for themselves that when they put self-care first on the list, things start to shift and life feels easier and more stable. 3 weeks in and we are already seeing and feeling the changes start to happen.  There is a shift happening. And for that, I am so grateful. 

Committing to a New Habit

When you first commit to a new habit, 3 weeks can seem like a long time. You have to take it day by day. If there is resistance, tell yourself you only need to show up for today instead of looking at all the days to come. One moment at a time. Focusing on the entire journey (100 days) can feel daunting and truly, what we resist, persists. But with the focus on one day at a time, you feel capable of taking a small step each day.  

The first 3 weeks may be the hardest because you are creating ‘muscle memory’ in your new habits. But after those first 3 weeks are in and you’ve created that habit, I believe these habits have an established route and they feel easier to say yes to. I am excited to see how these new habits anchor in as we move into the next 3 weeks of Project 100.

It reminds me bringing my first born home.  When I came  home with Jenna, I remember her crying and not sleeping and me thinking, ummmm is THIS what it’s going to be like foreverrrr? No.  Because it takes some time to establish a routine and a rhythm and habits.  Jenna did stop crying and she did sleep.  In life, we always figure it out 🙂 

Community Makes the Difference 

Remember, that small actions done daily (even if it’s just ONE thing) will add up to big results over time. These small actions are really easy for your mind to justify skipping, which is why our community is so important during these 100 days. These women, myself included, have not just made the promise to themselves, but they have made it to our group. 

Yes, the promise to ourselves is the most important one….the community just helps us stay focused on that promise because we’ve shared our commitment with them.  It’s become a sort of public promise. That has immense power. 

This past week many of the women are saying how much more calm they feel. I believe that is a combination of the solid routine (with routine and discipline, we feel more free and accomplished), the daily meditations and the connections they are making with like-minded women. 

Direct quotes from women inside the Project 100 Community during week 3… 

I am noticing great calm from the meditation and greater confidence in myself. Seeing myself completing the daily routine, is growing my confidence that I know I can do this for myself; and that is a good thing!” ~Deborah

“I’ve had a greater sense of calm and accomplishment from the morning routines and meditation.” ~Jenny

“I have noticed I am more in each moment. We started a culture journey at my work a few years ago and one of the matras was ‘be here now’. I always wanted to be, but found too much noise from work and home. The simple daily habits I am creating are showing me and allowing me to BE HERE NOW and I am enjoying that feeling.” ~Andrea

I’ve noticed that I analyze situations differently, before just reacting.” ~Brooke 

“I am so much calmer and more patient, the noise of today’s world doesn’t get me down when I put myself first.” ~Tammy

“I’ve noticed I’m not so angry. Not that I’m a mean and angry person, but I just feel more calm. It’s easier for me to take a second and think before reacting in different situations. I feel more powerful.” ~Jessica 

“After even a quick 4 min meditation and then journaling my accomplishments, goals or fails from the day before and for the new day just makes me feel better. I have more patience with my kids especially. I truly enjoy waking up early and getting in my ME time, workout, meditation and journaling.” ~Erin

These quotes represent feelings and these feelings represent women changing their lives, one tiny little habit at a time. 

Maybe it’s time for you to #keepit100 and join us!!  This movement is powerful. 

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