Project 100 – Week 2

To me, Project100 is really about finding confidence, calm and control – maybe for the first time in a months, in this strange surreal year that is 2020.  And it couldn’t happen at a better time, when we are all feeling the uncertainty of what is happening around the world and in our own communities.

It’s a perfect reminder that everything happens in perfect timing. Project 100 is teaching us a new sense of self and how to take  ownership of our life and how it unfolds. ⁣It’s RADICAL accountability!!! 

Small Actions = BIG Results

Project 100 is about a set of small activities done daily that add up big…these daily actions WE are in control of – THAT is the difference maker. ⁣And while these daily actions can feel almost too small to make a difference, , they are what create that confidence, calm and control. The knowing – discovering, maybe – that we CAN take the driver’s seat of our own lives.  

#Project100 is about discovering you can create the life you want to create and that taking care of ourselves is a keystone to that creation. Fitness is transformational because it shows us what we are made of each time we press play. 

Tracking Your Actions

As we finish up week 2 and I look at all these  trackers that get shared daily, it’s no surprise that 90% of the most consistent trackers are also coaches. 

Side note: I work with a community of women who are also online fitness/wellness coaches that are committed to bettering themselves and paying it forward to others by sharing their journey to inspire and empower others to better themselves too. It’s a beautiful ripple effect. 

It’s also no surprise that the most consistent trackers are the ones I see on social media, sharing their trackers AND FEELING RESULTS!!  Tracking works and that’s why it’s a vital piece of #project100.  Writing down these new habits with a tracker anchors them into your being.  These habits become anchors to becoming your best self. 

If you don’t track it, there is no tangible proof for your brain to connect the dots and make the pathways for these habits to stick. If you aren’t tracking and sharing, the person you’re holding back is you. If tracking seems restrictive to you in some way, I highly recommend you journal about that resistance to it and see what comes up. It’s interesting what unfolds when we just open a notebook and open our hearts and let the two meld together.

If you do take that advice and journal, please tell me what came up, I truly am obsessed with how these 100 days are unfolding for YOU. 

Tracking is a decision, a commitment, a mindset and a belief. 

Once you DECIDE you’re in and WHY you’re in… it will be so much easier to take the steps forward (the action) to get the results you desire so deeply!!! 


When you bring YOUR energy to a group on a mission, EVERYbody gets better. So show up for yourself first… but know that when you SHOW UP you are inspiring women all over the world to show up too. It’s exciting to know that small changes get big results. ⁣And you can make those changes every day.⁣ Join us. This movement is pretty epic. ⁣

Direct quotes from women inside the Project 100 Community during week 2… 

My body is changing! Noticing ab definition. Increased mood, looking forward to reading the personal development and making my workouts a priority. Loving this and can not believe we are down to less than 90 days!! Whoot whoot!!” ~Debbie

“I’ve had some more energy and actually seems easier to get up and do my morning routine and head straight to workout” ~Jenny

Week 2 kicked my butt….NOT because of project 100 but because of life. As I had a few anxiety attacks and sorted through those I realized it was due to my morning time. I used to get up at 4am, then I could get up at 5. Now my 2 year old has been getting up earlier so I readjusted my time and realized 4am is my perfect time now! So…I took action and made this weekend 4am times AND IT WORKS!!! I now know that if it doesn’t work, just adjust. So here is to rocking week 3 and actually posting.” ~Kristen

Week 2 has brought addition discipline to my routine.  My husband had surgery this week, so my normal routine had to be changed a bit.  I was proud of myself for continuing to get a workout in, focus on eating healthy foods,  journal my gratitude everyday, and listen to my personal development while in the car.  Even when things are hectic we CAN still focus on our health.  We just have to make sure it’s a priority.” ~Leachia 

“It’s amazing how changing just one or two small things in my daily routine can change my whole outlook on the day. I feel more accomplished. I feel more in control of what will happen in my day, week, etc. I just feel HAPPIER. I am proud of ME, for committing to 100 days of ME!” ~Jessica

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