Project 100 – Week 1

In mid September I did a workout from the Morning Meltdown 100 program and it got me thinking…. I’d love to recommit to the last 100 days of 2020 and finish them STRONG. And the pure magic of it is that 100 days started within 10 days of me having this thought and so Project 100 was born. I got my clients on board. I got the coaches I work with on Sparta Nation on board. And we started Project 100 together on September 21st. No waiting for it to be perfect or to be ready.  We just started. 

Through the next 15 weeks, I will be sharing the #project100 journey in full – all the celebrations and challenges – on my blog and on IG. I hope you’ll stay connected and see how committing to 100 consecutive days of small habits can change your life! 

My direct words from Day 7… 

Last night (day 6) I wrote my affirmations at 10 PM.⁣ Not at 10 AM. Not at 7am as usual.⁣ 10 PM.⁣ I could have skipped it and no one would have known.⁣No one…except me. ⁣

But I made a promise to myself that I would move my body + fuel my body + feed my brain and my heart + write down my goals, dreams, and affirmations for 100 consecutive days.⁣Simple actions. So easy to do yes?⁣ And so easy for the day to get away from us and not do.⁣ Except for that promise I made to myself. ⁣

There are 140+ women I also made the promise to, and I am grateful for that promise because they keep me accountable, too. But they weren’t with me last night at 10 PM, it was just me and my promise. The power of this community kept me going and kept me connected to this commitment of 100 days. 

And so, on day 6 of #project100, I wrote my affirmations at 10pm.⁣ I kept my promise to myself and to the other 140 women who also made the same promise. 

Direct quotes from women inside the Project 100 Community… 

‘I’ve always been the morning person. Get up and get my workout in. 

What I’ve really loved about afterwards is writing it down. How it felt and what my commitment level was. Makes me want more for myself next time.’  – Jessica 

‘In 5 days, I haven’t emotionally eaten. I have been so in tune to what I am putting in my body. More than ever before. I’m reading my affirmations and have been sharing them with my team at work. They are becoming more positive as well.’ -A

‘So much more peace and calm in my life!!!!!!   So much more productive and just an overall sense of fulfillment.’  – Missy

‘I am discovering that I am so much more capable than I give myself credit for!’ – Kristen

‘I’m down 3.1lbs since Monday! I feel great. I feel in control of my nutrition.’ -L

‘I’ve discovered I’m a better version of myself. I have felt happier and more at peace. I tend to compare myself with others – I know I know we’re not supposed to do that. And this week I have slowed down on doing that and have let myself be me. Feels pretty darn good.’ – Debbie

‘Thank you for this project! I honestly didn’t think it would make such a huge difference so quickly! I can’t wait to see how I feel on Day 100!!’ – Mehna

My reflections on the week…. 

While it’s easy to make a promise on paper, it’s not so easy to keep that promise in real life. We get busy with all the other things we have going on and our own well-being can easily be put on the back burner. 

Even with years of a consistent routine, I too can struggle to keep a commitment for ALL 100 days. 

I found myself trying to ‘get out’ of what I promised myself I would do, even though those affirmations I wrote at 10pm took very little time, my brain wanted to skip them. “You don’t need those tonight, you’ll do them tomorrow” “What can one skip day even do?” “No one will ever know if you don’t do them”. Well, I would know and that made me feel inauthentic in my pursuit to show that we can commit to ‘hard’ things.  Frankly, skipping would have made me feel inauthentic period.  Because all of us are better than that, we’re stronger and smarter, and we have unlimited potential. 

I am so proud of the women in my group that stay connected to our community and keep their promise every day. Many of them also struggled sometime in week one, telling themselves that a skipped day would not matter. But it seems that when we overcome that feeling and do it anyway,, we create a breakthrough….we break through an old limiting belief and transformation starts to happen. You start to BELIEVE that you can do this!! And that is what starts to shift an old story you’ve been carrying with you for so long… that every time to commit, failure is inevitable. 

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