How to Combat the Negative Thoughts in Your Head

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Real talk…On a good day I feel strong and powerful and confident.

On a not so good day, all I think about is that area right by my bra strap that drives me nuts, abs that will never be flat, and a nose that (thanks to my Native American heritage) is too big for my liking.

On a good day, I eat clean and love how on-point nutrition makes me feel healthy and strong. .
On a not so good day, I eat too much cheese or something else that doesn’t make me feel strong or lean or healthy…

On a good day, fitness makes me feel like a badass.
On a not so good day, I think about how my body will never match the vision in my head of how I want to look.

On a good day, I believe that I’m making a difference…in the lives of my fit group members, my coaches, my team.
On a not so good day, I believe I pretty much stink at everything and that I’ll never be the leader I aspire to be.

Any of this sound familiar? We are all trying to find that balance between the light and the dark. Life is a constant quest to intentionally create more GOOD days, on purpose, by design.

Days where we feel in control, days where we feel strong and powerful and healthy. It’s work, yes, the best kind of work…the work to create the BEST version of ourselves every day.

How to create more of those days? For me, it’s a PLAN and a TRIBE.
How do YOU create GOOD days?

Shoot me a message and let’s create a resource of ways to live our best lives…

What's your
workout style?
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