5 Ways to Make May (and Other Busy Times) Less Crazy

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Ok friends, take a deep breath in …. hold it … and slowwwwwly release. We did it. We almost survived May madness. Do you feel it, too?

From end-of-school projects, proms, and pitch-ins to graduations, sports events, and performances, can we all agree that May is forever bonkers!? And yet it seems to creep up on us each and every year, and nearly bowl us over.

What if it didn’t have to be so hard? What if there were some simple tactical steps you could take right now to make it easier during crazy times? I’m going to give you some straightforward steps that will alleviate stress during any super busy season.

  1. Plan ahead. 
    As much as this seems like a no-brainer, it’s so easy to be down in the weeds of life and not take time to look ahead and plan accordingly. So, right now I want you to whip out your calendar and look for weeks or months ahead that you know will inevitably be nuts. Maybe it’s a big upcoming event like a wedding or vacation, or a giant work project coming up—or maybe it’s next May!Whatever the case, go ahead and block out some times in your calendar during the weeks before crazytown. Maybe put in some time blocks for planning or prep. Or perhaps just for tackling the extra load that you know will be on your plate. Or just time for some much-needed self-care. Adding in these buffer times will allow for you to adequately prepare for and handle the increased load and stress. When the time rolls around, you’ll be so glad you did it!
  2. Make movement a non-negotiable. 
    When we’re in chaotic seasons, fitness tends to go right out the window. I get it—it feels like one more thing. But our bodies desperately need the movement, especially when we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Exercise not only keeps our bodies in optimal condition, but it bathes our brains in happy, peace-giving chemicals, helping us to shed the stress and feel more balanced. So getting in a 20-30 minute workout most days will actually alleviate your burdens, not add to them!
  3. Stay on track with healthy eating and hydration.
    Just like fitness, eating well during busy times can feel hard. But it doesn’t have to! With just a little planning and intention, you can nourish your body (and your family!) during the chaos. You’ll feel so much better! Most convenience foods, “junk” food, and too much sugar gives us a quick fix when we’re under the gun but, as you probably know, these things usually zap our energy soon after and leave us feeling blah.Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. For me, daily Shakeology shakes and eating raw, simple foods like almonds, cucumbers, and blueberries make for easy on-the-go meals that taste great and keep me feeling fantastic.
  4. Get the sleep you need.
    I know it, you know it. Sleep matters. Then why do we skimp on it so often? Research shows that getting less sleep than we need has all kinds of negative effects, from brain fog to increased chances of getting sick. We also know that lack of sleep contributes to feelings of depression and anxiety—which nobody wants, especially when we need to be on our game.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
    When life feels jam-packed, we often forget to communicate important things with those around us. From reminding your husband about the performance times or sharing your vacation days with your team, staying in close contact with those around you keeps things running smoothly. Consider even having “business meetings” with your family on a regular basis to keep everyone looped in. This is a great year-round practice, but can be especially helpful around those super busy times of year.

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None of these are rocket science. But consistently leaning into them during times of stress or busyness can make the difference between a nightmare month and just a busy one.

What about you? What practices help you stay on track when times get wild? I’d love to hear! Drop me a note here.

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