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This time of year sparks so much love, excitement, and gratitude. And I can’t help but be over-the-top grateful for the role that Beachbody plays in my life.

I don’t even want to imagine where I’d be right now without it.

I know many of you aren’t where you want to be in life right now. Things feel harder than they should. And you might even wonder how you got here in the first place. I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve looked around and wondered “can this really be it?!”

And the answer is: it doesn’t have to be. You were built for a life full of amazing opportunities and rich experiences. And there’s only one thing in your way: YOU.

That might sound harsh, but it’s true. And it’s actually great news! It means YOU have the power to set your life on a new path. YOU have the power to create a life that’s amazing all year long. And now’s the time to do it.

Being part of Beachbody has changed my life from the inside out, my friends. It starts with fitness, but that’s only the beginning. In fact, I wrote a fun, little ditty to share just a taste of the goodness Beachbody brought into my life 11 years ago. I hope it brings a smile to your face, but even more, I hope it opens your mind to the possibility of a better life.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Beachbody gave to me: 

12 months of paychecks, 

11 years’ experience,

10x the friendships,

Barre Blend moves, 

8 delicious recipes,  

7 workouts a week,

6 transformational moments, 

*** an amazing community ***

4 life-altering events, 

3 flavors of Beachbars,

2 scoops of Energize, 

and a delicious Peppermint Mocha Shakeology

As Christmas approaches, may you soak up all the goodness the season has to offer. And I hope you’ll also take time to imagine what life could hold for you moving forward. When you’re ready to make things happen—to chart a new course—I’m your girl.

I’m personally inviting you to come on an amazing journey with me and my incredible team of women. We’d love to have you along for the ride as we make 2020 the best year yet, beginning with fitness. Message me to learn more.

What's your
workout style?
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