Be Part of Something Big (Because Community is Everything)
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If the pandemic is teaching us anything, it’s this: We need each other.

We are built for community, connection, and camaraderie. We can’t be the best version of ourselves without the right people around us, even if right now that means virtually.

Over a decade ago, a small group of women gathered around my kitchen table. Today that community has grown to thousands of women spread across the world.

We are passionate about fitness. We are on fire for helping other women live their best lives. We are committed to lifting each other up.

We call ourselves Sparta Nation.

And as of right now, we are #9 in the Beachbody network of over 400,000 coaches.

It gives me goosebumps to type that, actually. I am part of a team of incredible humans who are relentlessly pursuing big dreams—and doing it with a community makes all the difference.

We don’t have any special skills or specific training or backgrounds. Most of us did not come into this as fitness experts or pros. We are your everyday neighbors, teachers, baristas, stay-at-home mom friends, career women, empty nesters, college students, and anyone else who desires to feel better, enjoy life more, be more confident, and help others find the same. We’re each other’s friend, cheerleader, accountability partner, mentor, listening ear, and supporter. We push, challenge, cheer, celebrate, help, connect, and inspire each other.

When I started my coaching business 12 years ago, I had no idea of the potential in this business or frankly, in myself.  I didn’t expect to form the incredible relationships that have come out of this incredible journey as a full-time fitness coach.  And I didn’t know I needed this until I found it.

12 years of sisterhood I didn’t know I needed
12 years of heart and hustle
12 years of learning, growing, and figuring it out together
12 years of amazing road trips and live events
12 years of new friends and unbelievable memories
12 years of shared joy, tears, celebrations, and challenges
12 years of dreams and goals
12 years of dinners, coffees, and team parties
12 years of virtual team calls full of learning and connection
12 years of inviting others (because someone invited us and our lives changed)
12 years of evolution and growth

This team—this unbelievable community —is the reason I wake up early and stay up late. I’m beyond grateful for what we get to do together every single day—change lives through fitness. What a gift!

Right now you might be feeling a bit lost. Or overwhelmed. Or even downright scared. There’s a lot swirling around with today’s headlines and just everyday struggles and stresses. Believe me, I have those moments myself.

But there’s a community waiting for you. They are what keep me on track and inspired and working to get better every day—and they can do the same for you, too. We’re open arms ready to welcome you into a group of passionate, purpose-driven women who want your life to be amazing.

Let’s do this life together. It’s so much better that way! Reach out today and let’s chat about what it looks like to be part of a Top 10 team!

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